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Remove srews

Step 1

Remove 2 opposing screws of the hinge leaf mounted on the door.

Drill Hole

Step 2

Screw Hingemate® pin into door frame side of hinge where screw was removed.

Insert Hingemate

Step 3

Use a 3/8" drill bit and drill through the hinge AND into the door, making a larger hole, to accommodate Hingemate® pin.

Download instructions for installation:  instructions

group of pins

How does it work:

The unique simplicity of the Hingemate® security stud design allows the user to replace one screw on the three jamb hinge leaves with a Hingemate*.
In closing the door, the Hingemate® pins enter the door side of the hinge leaves and act as impenetrable deadbolts. Hingemate® provides safety and security of your commercial property that will last a lifetime.
*Hingemate® can also be installed on steel doors with wooden doorframes.


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